Tuesday, August 30, 2011

RTT: The Bulleted Edition

It's been a few weeks since I've participated in RTT but I figured I had a little free time so I could throw some random up for you. It's going to be bulleted because my head is in a fog from all these crazy allergies!

  • I took Leo to the library yesterday and he really enjoys going. So that's a bonus since it's free. But since he can't read I don't like how they alphabetize their children's books. I think they should organize their books by type. Ie: Power Rangers, construction, princess, etc. This way when I know what Leo wants to read about I can look in one spot.

  • I have been uber-stressed lately. And I'm not sure why. I just feel very out of it all. the. time. I'm sure it has something to do with being 2 months away from baby, a house on the market and the devil spawn living in the form of my 4yo.

  • Ok, maybe not the devil spawn but some days I feel like that. We have had some extreme behavioral issues lately but they only manifest themselves when he is with me and the hubby. So I guess that's a good thing. And it seems like they come more when he's tired and/or needs a nap. And my mom made a good point that there are a lot of changes going on in his life (see my above stressors) and he probably does not have the same mental capabilities to handle them like adults do. So I can't get too mad.

  • We have started a behavior/chore chart again and day 2 he got ALL his stickers. So that is a plus. And he keeps looking at Sunday and says that it wasn't a good day and he needs to work on it. And I just keep reminding him that every day is a new day and that we can only make this one better than the one before. So there's that.

  • Work has been crazy lately as well. I worked 48+ hours last week. And it seems like all the weeks since the beginning of the year I've worked 40+. I'm not complaining...the time and a half is nice. Plus I'm very thankful for a job. I am just completely looking forward to my maternity leave to give me some time away from work!

  • With all our stuff in storage it has been extremely easy to keep the house clean. There is nothing to clutter our house. It's A-freaking-Mazing. And Leo's toys are not taking over the living room so we aren't living a real-life Toy Story movie when we walk in. So nice.

  • I got a massage on Friday and it was awesome. My sweet god-mother gave me a gift certificate to indulge myself and it was so nice. And at one point I thought that if the little massage lady left me in the room by myself in the peace and quiet I wouldn't mind that either. Not that the massage wasn't nice but the fact that just being in the dark, quiet room would be alright with me as well!

Ok that is enough from me. I am not linking up with Stacy (because I may or may not be at work where most blogs may or may not be blocked) but you should because she's awesome for giving me a place to spew my random every Tuesday while Keely is on hiatus. So Happy Tuesday!

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