Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Spin Cycle: The Eyes Have It

This weeks spin cycle is an interesting topic. Nature vs. Nurture. What traits are passed down. Or are they really passed down? Welp...let me tell you. In my house we have noticed a trait that Leo has been displaying loud and proud the last month or so. And it is the ever obnoxious eye-roll. And unfortunately he got it from me.

Anytime we ask him to do something that he does not want to do he looks up at us over his cute little shoulder and rolls his eyes. If you say something that he deems completely ridiculous...yep. You guessed it. An eye-roll.

And I was making the comment to my mom about it and I was fessing up that I'm sure he got it from me when my mom just cracked up and said that my dad HATED when I would roll my eyes at him. And I won't lie. It happened a lot. And I'll continue to tell the truth when I say I still roll my eyes. On a daily basis. And sometimes I don't even realize I do it. Which is unfortunate since I work in a retail position. So I know I've rolled my eyes at customers and don't even realize I do it. So I'm sure that has been a reason to yell at me when they are doing it. And in our house the hubby and I have an ongoing joke about my eye-rolls. I have a special knack for rolling just one eye. So he always calls me out when I am using my creepy eye. And then sometimes I do it just to mess with him.

So I am going to say that this trait is both nature and nurture. Becuase I'm sure I've rolled my eyes at Leo before but I think it takes a special something to get the eye roll just right and boy does he!


Sprite's Keeper said...

I call it "shifting ocular gears". :-) I'm guilty of that, yep. Sprite is a repeat offender herself, however, here's where nurture comes in. We've passed it on to JOHN! :-)
You're linked!

VandyJ said...

Turbo can wiggle his ears just like Nick can. I sure can't. But we can all roll our tongues.
ANd I'm am a champion eye roller, but I try to limit my self to rolling only when I'm on the phone, then the person talking to me can't see--most usually my mother.

CaJoh said...

So, do you make sure that your creepy eye is facing away from your hubby. Reminds me of having the stage presence to keep the cough-drop on the up-stage side of my mouth when I was in a play with a cold.