Saturday, May 19, 2012

Spin Cycle: Hate Spewing

Gretchen gave us another easy topic this week for the spin cycle.  You can tell it's easy because it's only Saturday and I'm already on it.  This weeks topic is hate.  While in our house we try to limit the word hate and choose other words that suit what we're trying to say.  That way Leo doesn't go around hating everything.  But we're all friends here.  And if not...I hate you.  Haha!  But are just a few things bulleted out that I hate:

  • I hate that recently Leo is a serious know-it-all.  And also just all around attitude-haver.  He is killkng my soul.  I do not want to raise a horrible child but lately I feel that is exactly what he is.  I know it's a phase (well at least it better be) but I am dying a slow death every day when he yells at me for some stupid reason.  And then when I punish him he throws the mother of all fits.  So it's honestly a lose-lose.
  • I hate that my mom is out of the country for 2 weeks.  Technically only 1 more week at this point but I miss her.  Hi mom!  Come home soon! :)
  • I hate that we have had only 1 t-ball practice for Leo but I already know who the "loud-mouth" parent is.  Thankfully it's not me but gah, she's going to get on my damn nerves!
  • I hate that I don't work with my friends anymore because I miss having someone to talk to day in and day out.
  • I hate that we don't have enough money for me to buy a frivolous dress for my 10-year class reunion.  I just want to spend an obscene amount of money to make myself look better. It's all for a shallow reason but I just want to be able to do it!
  • I hate that there are terrible people out there that cause me to worry for my kids safety. 
  • I hate that there are terrible people out there that cause me to have to explain why we can't say/do certain things.  And why we need to be better people and not worry about the color of people's skin, their sexual orientation, how they look, act, etc.  I just want everyone to follow the golden rule. 
  • I hate that my friend is going through a terrible family situation and she can't control anything about it.  And I want her to know how much she is loved. :)
Ok, enough!  I'm glad Gretchen gave me that outlet.  I honestly feel better!  Thanks for listening!  I hope everyone has a super rest of their weekend!


gretchen said...

I'm glad I could help out! I hate that you can't get a frivolously fabulous dress for your reunion too. Dang, you should work on that. And there's nothing worse than the loudmouth t-ball mom!

You are linked. Finally.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Sprite has been pulling the attitude as well. We've found, after a few weeks of letting her slip by with a gentle warning, that giving it an immediate stern warning followed by banishment to her room if she pulls a fit along with the orders to not come out of her room until she's happy again, has actually worked. Who knew? :-)

SuziCate said...

That know it all stage seems to last WAY TOO LONG!!!

VandyJ said...

I just plain hate reunions, but then I wasn't a huge fan of high school anyway.
Attitude from little boys is an on going problem at our house too. Firm consistency and quick nipping in the bud of the attitude is the way we survive it.

Ginny Marie said...

Venting every once in a while just feels good, doesn't it? I'm looking forward to writing my own Spin this week! (I hate that I haven't had time to finish it yet!)

Arnebya said...

It feels better to get it out, though, right? I wish you had money to splurge on a dress. Making ourselves look nice does wonders for our self esteem; it's immediate.