Sunday, May 20, 2012

Vacation Recap

Since it's been a week since we've been back from vacation and I've posted some pictures here I finally have a little time to give a recap of what we did!

I recently started my new job within the same company but we had already paid for partially and planned a family vacation so 3 weeks in to my new job we went on vacation.  We just took a jaunt 3 horus to the north to Kansas City.  We go there usually one or two times per year and this year we found a few things that we hadn't done yet.

I had found a Groupon for a hotel in KC that was only $100 for 2 nights.  It was in a suite that had a seperate bedroom and then a kitchenette as well.  So I snatched up 2 of those bad boys.  That was really helpful because it gave Leo his own sleeping area (on the pull-out couch in the living room) and it also gave us a place to keep leftovers from dinners the night before, drinks so we weren't having to pay for individual drinks everywhere we went and a place to keep milk that I pumped plus baby food for Jacoby.  So all in all a win!

We have learned that vacation with Leo is a challenge.  He is so energetic and loud that hotels sometimes can be frustrating because we are trying to keep him quiet and cooped up.  But the hotel worked well since it was a bigger room.  We also find it challenging that he gets really wound up and doesn't take a nap because we are always on the go.  So we decided to not jam-pack the vacation and just try to have a relaxing time.  So we only planned one activity per day and lots of downtime.

We left home Saturday morning and got to KC about 2.  We checked into the hotel and then dropped Jacoby off at my aunt and uncles house while we headed to the Royals ballpark for the baseball game.  That made for a long day because the game was at 6 and we didn't get back to the hotel until almost 11.  But the Royals won so it was awesome!

Sunday we didn't have big plans and it worked out well because it POURED all day.  I met up with a friend (and former roommate) who recently had a baby.  So we talked and hung out for about an hour.  Then I picked up the boys from the hotel and we went to dinner with my aunt and uncle and their kids.  We also endured a tornado warning at their house.  So I am thankful they live there so we didn't have to figure out where to go at the hotel for shelter!

Monday we went to the brand new aquarium that had opened up 2 weeks prior.  It was pretty packed but the place was awesome and Leo and Jacoby both enjoyed it.  I think it's funny that I'm saying Jacoby enjoyed it but there were places where we walked under the fish and Jacoby was just looking up and staring at the fish swimming above him.  He was mesmorized by it all!

Tuesday was our other busy day.  We went to Legoland in the morning.  Again, this had just opened two weeks prior to us being there and it was also really busy.  But Leo had a blast and I really loved seeing the wheels turn in his head to figure out how to create what he wanted.  We tried to go back to the hotel after that to get him to nap before our next excursion which was another Royals game that night but it didn't quite work out.  We hit up the game that night and they won again!  But we were all exhausted afterwards!

Wednesday was our last day there and so after we checked out we went to Legends which is an outdoor outlet shopping center.  It houses a Dave and Busters so we went there.  We ended up spending 3 hours there alone.  We ate lunch and played games.  It was so much fun.  We also shopped around and got some really good deals.  To me the best deal was Leo's shoes.  Last year over Memorial day weekend we went to KC and we bought Leo a pair of shoes from the Nike outlet.  They have lasted until this year and have just started to tear in the last month.  So we went back to the Nike outlet store and scored a sweet pair of shoes for Leo for only $30!  And they will hopefully last another year.  Woot woot!  We ended up getting back home around 8 Wednesday night.  And I was so ready to be home.

Thursday we took my dad to see the Avengers for his birthday.  It was awesome!  Then Friday, Saturday and Sunday we didn't have plans and just hung out recuperating to go back to work on Monday.  All in all it was a pretty amazing week.  And was super difficult to go back to work on Monday.  So I guess I need to win the lottery so we can do that all the time!

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