Monday, July 13, 2015

Half a summer recap

Wow. It’s July! How crazy is that? I can’t believe we are already one month in to our summer vacation. I say our but really it’s Leo’s. He’s the only one that is really doing anything different. Our evenings are still crazy busy with activities and meetings and our days are filled with work and daycare for us and Jacoby. BUT…it seems our weekends are even more full than usual. Here is a recap of what June has had in store for us:

We did get to take one whole week off (9 glorious days!) as a family and it was AWESOME! We went to see the in-laws for the first 4 days, came home for 2 ½ days and then left again for a quick trip to KC to visit my aunt and uncle and watch the Royals and Sporting KC. It was the first MLS game that any of us had seen and it was so much fun. We really thought Leo would be interested in it with as into soccer as he was but really it was fun for the whole family. And it didn’t hurt that Sporting KC won on a last minute goal. So fun!

Leo also started playing baseball again in June. His team so far is 5-1 and his last game he hit an inside the park homerun. Granted this is rec league and all the kids hit better than they field…but still exciting for my little baseball star! ;)  Soccer tryouts happened also  and he was selected to be on the team again. And practices start this week. Holy cow! Thankfully baseball is over this week too so we only have one week of overlap of baseball and soccer.

I’ve been wanting to take a roadtrip to either Omaha or OKC with the boys to just visit some places we haven’t been. So my mom and I took a Friday off and we packed up the car and took the boys to OKC. I have (another) aunt and uncle that lives there so we stayed with them. We hit a water park and the science museum and had so much fun!

Then this past weekend was the 4th of July! WHAT?! So we of course spent the whole day being patriotic! We went to the local parade, shot off fireworks and grilled out with family. Pretty awesome!

I feel like every week we are busy 5 or 6 nights a week but we have been spending lots of time as a family and that is the best way to spend our time! I hope so far all of your summer’s have been excellent!

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