Tuesday, July 14, 2015

RTT: Convenience Fees, Hot Days and Girls Trip

Back to the bloggy world! I am here! And it’s Tuesday so it gives me an easy way in with RTT! So here. we. go.


Why does convenience cost still? Pretty much they are making everything convenient these days, so really convenience isn’t an added value. Or at least what these people consider convenience. Case in point…I went to buy Marvel Universe tickets online for a show that is coming in April {side bar: why must I buy tickets 9 months in advance? That is NOT convenient because I don’t want to lose them. Ahem.} I go online, and the seats that say are going to be available are not. So I call (not convenient) and they tell me that those upper bowl tickets won’t be available until the lower bowl is sold out. Seriously?! I just want my 3yo to be able to see so I wanted front row but in the upper level. Ya know because front row on the lower level is $100 and I REFUSE to pay that for a child’s activity. Anyways. So lack of convenience number one. But then I still want tickets so I continue to buy the tickets online and they want to charge me a service fee of $30(!!) by ordering online. So…on my lunch break I will be going to buy the tickets in person {and not be lazy} and not be charged an extra $30. For being able to buy something online. Not a convenience because I can buy EVERYTHING online!


Here are a few things I would pay for the convenience:

~Grapes that are already washed and de-stemmed. That crap takes me extra time and with gapes as expensive as they are I shouldn’t have to work so hard to eat them.

~Delivery of good food…I’m not talking pizza here, but steak. Possibly even Chipotle.

~Children who can bathe themselves. Oh wait, I don’t have to pay for that. Just wait a few more years!


Ok rant over.


It finally feels like summer here. The heat index has been between 105-108 the past few days. And I’m already over it! I’ll take those 70 degree days in July thank you very much!


Does anyone else feel like they spend WAY more money in the summer? It doesn’t help that I’m paying three times for child care what I was during the school year. I just feel like it’s so much easier to spend money. I’m on a budget train but no one else seems to be.


I just booked our Girls Trip 2015 condo and I am so excited! Last year I was a little anxious about it because I hadn’t really spent much quality time with some of the girls that were going for some time but when we got back together it was so much fun!  October can’t come soon enough!

Ok…that’s enough random for you today. Head over to Stacy’s and check out the other randomers. It will be fun!

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