Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Movie Roundup

Summer is a time for movies. And I LOVE going to the movies. Unfortunately since having kids the amount of movies I’ve seen in the theaters has dipped tremendously and if we make a diagram of movies I’ve seen in the theaters in the past 7 years has a probably skewed number of kid to adult movies. BUT…just because I don’t get to watch movies doesn’t mean I never see them. So here is a list of some of the movies that are coming out this summer (or some that have already came out) through this fall that we are wanting to see.

Already out:
Jurassic World. Dinosaurs and boys. Duh.
Minions-Looks super cute and the minions may easily have been the best part of Despicable Me 2. Not my favorite story line to date…
Pitch Perfect 2-It took me awhile to see the first one, and even then it took me a few times watching it to warm up to it. My expectations were too high for what I was seeing. Anywho…I think this one looks good too and the hubs liked the first one so it would be a good date movie.

Coming soon:
Ant-Man-Anything Marvel I want to see. Throw in Paul Rudd (one of my favorite Kansans!) and I’m sold! (July 17)
Trainwreck-Amy Schumer is hilarious. Judd Apatow is hilarious. I heard Lebron James is hilarious. Two out of three ain’t bad! (July 17)
Pixels-I haven’t heard much good about this, but again, big names rule box office. And I love me some Adam Sandler. I think Leo would appreciate the video game references even if he has no idea what Pac-Man is. Haha. (July 24)
Fantastic Four- Again, Marvel movies are my go to. So this is on my to-watch list even if it seems like it hasn’t been long enough since the last reboot. We’ll see. ( Aug. 7)
Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials-Is it bad I want to see this movie but haven’t seen the first one yet? It’s on my to-rent list but I really liked the books so I’d be interested to see how they portray it on film. (Sept. 18)
Hotel Transylvania 2-Again, Adam Sandler and a kids movie. The boys both want to see this! (Sept. 25)
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2-Yep want to see this one because of the book. Loved it. The movies have definitely lacked for me where the books did not. But we’ll see how they finish the franchise. (Nov. 20)
Star Wars: The Force Awakens-I feel like this one has to be on my list because it’s Star Wars. We’ll see… (Dec. 18)

So there is my impossible list of movies to see between now and the end of the year. If I have any guesses and if I were a betting woman I would say that I will see 11 at the theater. The rest will be seen (hopefully) at home. Only time will tell.

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