Friday, September 7, 2012

Spin Cycle: Education for the Educated



I’ve talked a lot in the past month about Leo starting school.  And since all is well on that front I figured I would go somewhere different with this one. 


Since I have been in my new position at the bank since April I have already received a promotion of sorts to a different position within the department.  I am still working in the International department but instead of mainly focusing on foreign currency, I am now helping on the trade side doing Letters of Credit and documentary collection.  While this is all very fascinating (haha!) I have had A LOT to learn.  I had no training in international business during my time at the bank and I didn’t take any international business classes while in school.  So the past 5 months my brain has been filled to the max with new information.  And it feels good!  That was one of the reasons I wanted to leave my old position.  Granted, not the main one but still!  There is still so much to learn and it is actually a lot more difficult than I was expecting but I love being able to go to work and know that I will be learning something new.  Or how to do things that I already know how to do better.  (On an aside…I don’t really LOVE going to work, just that I love being able to learn new things!)  So while some days I feel like there will never be enough time in my day to get all the new stuff learned it feels much better than sitting at a desk all day reading about the going-ons of celebutantes.  So a win in my book!


Now go see Gretchen ( and all the other spinners!  And if you want, join in!  It’s a fun party!  All the cool kids are doing it!


gretchen said...

I think it sounds EXCELLENT. What a blessing to be promoted to a new position with the powers that be trusting that you would be able to learn the new info and learn it quickly. And how great to have a job that exercises your mind!

You are linked!

VandyJ said...

As long as work is new and different, it's much easier to go day in and day out.

Sprite's Keeper said...

That's wonderful! I love when I learn something new at work too. It makes my day more fulfilling, :-)