Tuesday, October 30, 2012

RTT: Christmas, Frankenstorm and brutal honesty from a 5 year old

Hey looky here.  I'm blogging.  It's the darndest thing!  Make sure to go see Stacy to get your random on.

Last week I only worked 2 1/2 days and it was amazing.  I'm pretty sure I would be a great stay at home mom. Other than all the yelling that took place.  And the traveling to KC because we wouldn't have the funds.  But other than that it would be amazing! ;)

I accompanied Leo's class to his field trip to the pumpking patch last Wednesday and it was a lot of fun.  I got to meet other parents of kids in the class (that I never hear about because Leo refuses to "remember" what happens during the day).  Unfortunately I got another little boy whose parents could not attend the field trip under my care.  Have I mentioned before how rowdy/rambunctious Leo is?  Well his friend Robbie was the exact same.  So my life X2.  It was cray-cray (in my best Khloe Kardashian voice)  THey were both really well behaved so it wasn't as bad as it could have been.  Just a wild time!

My mom and I took Friday off last week and took Leo, Jacoby and my niece to Kansas City to visit my aunt and uncle and their two kids.  It was fun.  I was hoping for relaxing but I forget that nothing is relaxing when you throw in 4 kids under the age of 7 and one tween.  Definitely not relaxing.  Aw well.  It was nice to see family!

Also on my hiatus from work last week I went to ol' Wal-Mart.  I figured I needed a pair of jeans and what better place to look for a quick fix than there.  I had both boys but thought we could get in and out of the dressing room in a hurry.  I grabbed a pair of 8s and a pair of 10s (!!) and ran in with the boys.  I tried the 8s first just to make me feel good.  I thought I grabbed both of the same kind just in different sizes.  Lo and behold I had accidentally grabbed a pair of skinny jeans.  The dreaded skinny jeans that I have always tried to avoid.  I got them to my thighs when I heard Leo tell me they were too small and that they did. not. fit.  How sweet of him to point out the obvious!  I was still stoked that the 10s fit and I got a pair of jeans that look nice for $14.  Not too shabby!

I am in full-on get ready for Christmas mode.  I have started creating Leo's Christmas list and the hubby and I have come up with a few things to tell my parents and for the drawing for his side of the family (too many people to buy for).  I also have asked for lists from the hubby's sister for her kids.  I have money saved and I'm ready to spend it!

Okie dokie.  That's all for now.  Hope everyone on the east coast survives the dreaded Frankenstorm!  We're doing fine in old Kansas.  We're even supposed to have temps in the 70s for trick or treating on Wednesday.  Woo hoo!

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