Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summers Past

 Spin cycle this week is how you used to spend your summers. My summers were spent with friends, at the pool, fighting with my brother and just all around having fun! Here are just a few pictures I found floating around my house from years ago. Please ignore the poor quality because I took a picture of a picture and uploaded it. I'm so tech savvy!

My birthday is in June so it was always hit or miss with birthdays. Friends were always on vacation so parties were small (usually) but fun. Here are a few.
See my excitement of opening Grease on VHS

Blowing out the candles on my delicious ice cream cake (also note that I am rocking a giant scrunci on my short hair!)

Rocking my pink bikini at my best birthday ever (at the local pool!)
 As I got older summers were more about pool parties with friends. Cannonball!
 And in high school I spent a lot of summers at cheerleading camp and cheering on the boys baseball team.
I'm on the left rocking my awesome zebra print bow and top!
State baseball 2001. Our boys brought home the championship. Probably because we traveled out of town to support them!
 And of course the summer means weddings. In about a month we will be celebrating 9 glorious years of wedded misery. I mean matrimony! :)


Lots of fun had by me in summers long gone. Make sure to head to Gretchen's to see other past summer memories!




gretchen said...

Oh, you get lots of extra points for lots of pictures! I am particularly loving your video of Grease because I just went to the Grease Sing-a-long at the Hollywood Bowl! And you totally rocked the pink bikini!

You are linked!

VandyJ said...

I rocked large scrunchies too. It was the times.
We introduced Turbo to Grease a couple months ago. HE was less than impressed, but he can say he saw it.