Saturday, March 28, 2015

I Can't Even

I’ve been seeing a lot of Scary Mommy posts lately and one that stood out to me was a mom’s I Can’t Even’s. After reading it I felt like I could add some of my own.
 I can’t even…walk in the door without being bombarded by someone asking me for something. It’s usually the kids and their dad is right there. WHY?!
 I can’t even…go to the bathroom in peace. Ok…so that was on their list too but come one. I just want to pee without someone barging in. Or taking a shower without someone having to drop a deuce. I seriously only take a 5-7 minute shower. You can hold it.
 I can’t even…go to the store to buy a new top or something fancy without worrying about how much money we have. This one can be blamed on my kids because of all of the money I spend on them. All. The. Time.
 I can’t even…change my clothes without being interrupted. And it’s always when I’ve dropped trou that the boys seem to come in. And then it’s all hilarious because they see mom’s booty. Very funny.
I can’t even…cook a meal without someone complaining about something. They don’t like this or that. I don’t care. Eat it!
I can’t even…plan a vacation without thinking “Will we all enjoy this? Will the 3yo be able to keep up with doing all this? Is my husband going to want to tag along to all these children related events?” It’s so overwhelming!
I can’t even…try to exercise in the house without one of the boys asking me a) if I’m exercising and b) why I don’t look like/doing exactly what the girl on the video is doing.
I can’t even…remember what my life was like without kids without feeling slightly guilty. I’ll see a post of a friend’s awesome vacation, or just remember the days when I could take a nap when I got off work and get up at 8 and not worry about anything else. But then I feel guilty.
I can’t even…imagine what my life would be like if I didn’t have my two little devils. I love those boys so dang much and would give up all my “I can’t evens” to be their mom!

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