Tuesday, March 10, 2015

RTT: Tuesday Tee Hees, sickness and mouthy kids

Hello Tuesday randomers! I’m so ready for Friday it’s not even funny. But it’s only Tuesday so let’s get random.


Jacoby has been quite the class clown lately. The two best things he’s said in the past two days:

Me: Jacoby, it’s time for bed.

Jacoby: I don’t want to go to bed. I just want to shoot the bad guys.

Me: Well it’s time for bed. Let’s go.

J: Hold on mom. Let me shoot this last one (aims Star Wars gun at wall and shoots said bad guy…then gets in bed.)


Driving to work in the car:

Jacoby: *mumble mumble mumble*

Me: What did you say?

J: What did you say mommy?

Me: No, you said something. Did you need something.

J: I just said Gangnam Style (and proceeds to sing the song)


He is such a knucklehead!


The sickness has been all around our family. I had what I self-diagnosed as a sinus infection about two weeks ago but I used my mommy immune system and was able to kick it. The hubs and Jacoby weren’t so lucky and had to go to the doctor. Both are finished with their medicine and I got hit like a truck on Sunday and now feel like crap. Again. But I am refusing to go to the doctor. The unfortunate part is that I use my sick leave for when the kids get sick (or have a ridiculous amount of surgeries between the two) so I hate missing work for myself. So then it’s a vicious cycle since it’s not like I get to go home at night and rest/relax. Thankfully my mom took the boys for a few hours on Sunday to get them out of my hair and a I got a nap in. But it didn’t reverse the sickness. Ugh.


Leo has a case of the mouthies. You know, when a kid just won’t shut his mouth. And argues with everyone/everything in sight. He thinks the world is against him and if he doesn’t get his way it’s the end of the world. Yeah. It’s super awesome. He has lost all forms of electronics, including his TV, and can only watch TV if it is something we are watching as a family. I’m hoping this week he’s doing without will help him realize that he needs to talk to people nicer. If not, it’s going to continue to be long days for him without electronics. Especially coming up on Spring Break. Lucky him!


Ok that’s all. Go visit Stacy and the other randomers. See you next week!

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