Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So as some of you know my dear husband and I both work in a bank. He was "chosen" to manage a branch while the real manager was on maternity leave. It was ridiculous at times because of the stupidity of the employees and because of the situation as a whole. And of course, the loving wife that I am, was steamed a lot of the time because I felt like he deserved much better treatment (and help) than he was receiving. I told him he should ask for a pay raise for the time that he was managing that branch but he said he wouldn't feel right asking. I was semi-ok with that. But then people were quitting and people were needing to take vacation all of a sudden and he was CRANKY a lot when he would come home. Well, lo and behold people took notice. Yesterday his regional manager came to his branch and gave him an envelope with $250 bucks and told him he gave him a letter of recommendation for his file. Also, the human resources lady gave him a thank you card and I'm sure that will go a long way in the HR department. So, BRAVO to Leo for being outstanding when facing stupidity and being able to deal with the pressure. I soon may be having to deal with the same situation in the upcoming future, so hopefully my future will be shining with dollars as well! :)


Brunilocks said...

Hey there. That IS good that they took notice. Even though its a many many days late and many many dollars short in my opinion. Sorry to be so negative, but it seems like they just temporarily bandaged that shitty situation. I am not saying they dont appreciate it, they better appreciate it. But I think they know how sucky the situation is and that he could just walk away cuz its too much shit and not worth the time, BS and money. So they give a little something, to buy more time or to deflect the real issues. Who knows. I empathize with Leo for going through so much SHIT. He does chose to do it though, by not taking a stand or by finding a much better job for him (and you and cuatro). However, they should take care of their loyal employees more. MUCH MORE. Just my .02 cents.

Kendra said...

I understand (and agree!), but at least they did something! :)