Sunday, November 30, 2008

Another one bites the dust

So, another weekend has come and gone. I know I am probably being over-dramatic, but it seems like weekends go by so quickly. And it doesn't help that I had to work all day Saturday. But I was off Wednesday and Thursday and then Friday, Saturday and Sunday was all spent with family and one close friend so it was a wonderful weekend. Thanksgiving was wonderful. I ate to much food and sat on my butt for way to long but isn't that what the holidays are all about! ;)

I got up REALLY early Friday morning (read: 5 AM) and went to Kohls and Target. But I got pretty much all the shopping done for Leo's nieces and I think all we are going to get for the monkey. It was very worth it. Although after shopping from 5:30-7 and then working from 7:30-6:15, I passed the F out pretty quickly Friday evening over at Leo's sisters house. And then after working all day Saturday I again passed out at his sisters house. I can't help it that I am always sleepy! And then on Wednesday the 10th I am going shopping with my mom and grandma (a yearly tradition that I adore!) and I am hoping that we get our Christmas bonus from work or else Christmas will be a little sparser than usual. But that is ok, because that is not what the holidays are about! At least we will get to be with our family and friends! I hope everyone's holiday was fantastic! Have a great week!

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