Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Oh My God!

I started a new exercise program at the DRC. It is called Cycle Circuit. It should really be called I'm gonna hurt the crap right out of you. But it's not. I started on Monday and it is every Monday and Wednesday for 3 weeks because it is an in-between session. Well Monday went great. We cycled for about 20 minutes ran a couple laps, rode for about 10 more minutes got off and did some squats and leg lifts and then rode about 5 more minutes. I thought it was great. I felt good (oh yeah, did I mention the class is from 5:45-6:30? IN THE AM????)

Anyway, I get home, take a shower and feel great. All day. Well I go to work this morning and I squat down to get my coin out and OH. MY. GOD. I was in pain. So now, all day I have been so sore! It will so be worth it though when I look HOT! I'm so sure! :)


Brunilocks said...

Whats with you these days? You dont answer texts, or respond to my emails or comments. Anyways, good job with the new drc class. How come you didnt ask me to do it with you? Are you doing it alone or did you find someone else?

Super Mom said...

Well, good luck, hope it goes better next class! You just have to get used to it, and it will go a little smoother each time! :)

Although I think you are a little messed up with the whole 5:45 AM thing... lol

CC said...

lol, remember that time you and i signed up for a drc boot camp and it literally almost KILLED us?!

cheers to you for giving it another go. good luck, i know you'll get through this one!!!!