Monday, December 22, 2008

The little things

So I was wrapping presents on Saturday night and little man was jealous of his cousins presents. So I did what any good mom would do and wrapped one of his books that was going to be a stocking stuffer and let him open it. I was amazed because I have no idea how he even knew what to do. Last Christmas he was only 10 months old an obviously on his birthday he was only 1 so he didn't really understand the present giving situation. And we have only gone to one birthday party since then so I was amazed that he knew to rip the paper to get to the good stuff. And his face was priceless! I wish I would have had my camera ready because he was so excited! It made my heart melt!

And then today I took all of my family's presents over to my folks house so we don't have to make unneccesary trips to grab them on the way home from Dodge and I was wrapping up a last present for my grandma when I hear the familiar rip of wrapping paper! Lo and behold, Leo had gotten ahold of one of his grandma's presents and decided he would open it! I got it back in time to add a piece of tape to conceal the gift, but it was to hilarious. But then he started to cry and made my mom feel bad! She almost let him open up one of his presents just to make up for it! What a sucker! Keep them crocodile tears coming boy because grandma will fall for anything! *Love you mom!*

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Super Mom said...

Oh waaaa... at least you don't have a MIA!!!! LOL!

Read my blog for further info... But, seriously, at least he only unwrapped ONE - PARTIALLY. :) Easy fix.

Now, as you are a fairly new mommy, I am going to give you a little bit of wisdom that has taken years for it to finally sink in on me...

"Do not wrap any gifts any eariler than Christmas Eve. And if you do, do it at night, while the kids are sleeping, and put them back in your closet until Christmas..."

Trust me, its good advice :)

Hugs and Kisses! See you Saturday!