Saturday, January 16, 2010 prepared!

Here are a few rants about some things I’ve noticed recently…

· Why do women’s restroom stall doors swing in? They are cramped as they are and especially lugging around a kid. I hate using the handicapped stall but there is no way the two of us can fit in there. Also, I’m a larger hipped girl and they always have the trashcan attached to the wall I have to squeeze by to shut the door. And I just get annoyed.
· I dropped the monkey off at the gym daycare last night and there was a new teacher. I’m ok with there being a new teacher…I can’t expect to have the nice, older lady there all the time but here’s what happened…the teacher didn’t even acknowledge that we walked in. And she was holding another kid. So for one, I didn’t even know if she was even the teacher. And she kept talking. I eventually had to ask if it was ok if I got the crayons and a coloring sheet down for Leo. And he definitely wasn’t ok with this person not even paying attention to him or the fact that there were 3 other kids in there running amok. I got back and he was playing by himself and the lady was still talking to a (different) parent. She barely said anything as we walked out the door. I guess I’m glad I don’t pay ridiculous amounts for the daycare there.
· I just witnessed the future of America. I am sitting on the teller line at work and another employee started helping these 2 teen-age girls. They were with a parent so not older than probably 17. They were just plain stupid. They were cussing in front of one of their dad’s and just being rude. I don’t think I acted quite that bad when I was younger. Obviously I was stupid but not rude! And I was a giggly girl but still…hopefully they will get locked up before doing our country any more damage!
· I was at my step class last night and a girl totally biffed it. She looked at me and I just grinned…glad it wasn’t me. I still am having a little trouble with some of the stuff like jumping jacks and jumping on one foot in place (I’m not even kidding…that’s what my aerobics have come to) but my asthma is playing a large part in that. I thought as I have been exercising more hardcore that it would improve but apparently my lungs are as weak as ever. It is really hard explaining to people about how difficult it is to run and things of that nature. I assume (and yes I know what that does to me…) that they are always looking down on me about how it is just probably because I am overweight.
· The floral department at our local Dillons already has their Valentine stuff out. I don’t know about you, but I’m not buying my valentine flowers (at all) but definitely not right now. It’s a freaking month away. Ridiculous!

Ok, so that is too much bitching for me, but I needed to get it off my chest!

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Heather said...

I don't get how kids these days can be so fowl mouthed. I admit I did use the casual cuss word but only with my friends. My father would have knocked me into the next year, if I had ever dared say one in his pressence.