Monday, January 11, 2010

Round 2

So the other batch of ridiculousness that I have made myself endure last week was starting a new exercise class. It is at the local gym and it is called Step and Pump. It is a combination of a step class and some weights thrown in. I wanted something different than my spin class because I didn’t feel like I was getting results. Well I sure did get something different. I show up to class pretty much right on time and the workout room is completely full. And the spin class that I am used to usually has about 5-10 people. This one has probably 20-25. And we all are supposed to be grabbing step boards, weights and the like. This is a completely new environment for me. And of course the spin class I can just sit on the bike and no one will notice me. Not this class. I was in the very back but we turn around and do kicks and lay down and do weights so everyone can see everyone. And what do they see when they look at me? A girl who can’t keep rhythm. A girl who looks like a big nerd because I also can’t get the steps down right. I am annoyed with myself and I’ll say this…I’m annoyed with my hubby. He knew I was taking this class. Why didn’t he remind me that I would fail miserably? Not that I would have listened to him but still. Real annoyed! Oh well. It definitely got me sweating and my legs were definitely tired afterwards. I’m sure I will see some sort of results by the end of the 10 week class. And I will have (hopefully) gotten over the fact that I can’t keep up with those crazies!

On the upside to all of my exercising…I went to my doctor for my yearly and I have lost 3 pounds since November! A giant victory seeing that it was the holidays! And he said that I am on the right track exercise/diet/weight wise if I am wanting to have another baby. I am not exercising too much to the point where I am constantly exhausted and not too little that I am not seeing any results. Especially with a little guy at home already! I need all the energy I can muster after work and all the chores around the house. And I am probably a good 15 pounds lighter than I was when I had the monkey so that makes me feel better already!

So hopefully now that the nonsense from the beginning of the year has subsided I will get back to blogging regularly!


Heather said...

YEAH to you!! That is amazing to lose poundage even through the holidays! You go girl!

Davina said...

Thank you for posting, Kendra Sue! :) It was so good to hear how you're doing, and especially such good news - reading, and eating better! Thanks!