Monday, October 11, 2010

Columbus Day

So another weekend has come and gone and I'm not quite sure where it went! But thanks to Christopher Columbus who sailed the blue I am off today! I actually am not getting my holiday this week but I am working my 40 hours from Tuesday-Saturday so I was still able to sneak today off. Unfortunately my hubby who used to get all the pud holidays off now works in a branch that is not closed on the holidays so he is at work while I am not. These were the days that we still took Leo to daycare but then did like a date day for cheap. So sad that this year we can't recreate those days. Oh well. I have a lot to get done today anyways. And I have already started. The grocery shopping has been done for the next 2 weeks. Meals have been planned and laundry has been started. I pledged to make more meals and I am on my way to a good start! So happy Columbus Day to everyone!

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