Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Great Pumpkin (Patch)

When I was a freshman in college my friend introduced me to this awesome pumpkin patch about an hour away from where we live. It is Walter's Pumpkin Patch and they have so many awesome things that even as a college student we found so much stuff that we could do. And even though I was unmarried and childless at the time I vowed that I would take my future children there. And take my child there I have! For the past 3 years my mom and I (and then my sis-in-law and her mom and baby girl tagged along the past 2 years) have taken Leo there and we have had such and awesome time! This year was no different and it actually is getting better each year because Leo is able to interact more with the attractions at the pumpkin patch. I love taking the day off and just spending an entire day with my mom and Leo. This year we even hit the local McDonalds and let him run off even more energy in the Playplace! This kid has energy for days!

Here are just a few pictures we took of our awesome day at the pumpkin patch!

This pumpkin is too big!
Very thoughtful on they way out

Searching for the perfect pumpkin

Not this's funny looking!

Our giant wagon full of pumpkins

Leo's perfect pumpkin

My perfect pumpkin

Leo loving the corn filled sandbox.
He could play with his diggers!

Jumping on the pumpkin pillow

Our finished pumpkins

And then them as jack-o-lanterns!

So as much fun as you think you see in these pictures multiply that by 100! We had an amazing time and I hope to take Leo (and any future Fernandez babies!) there for as long as it is around! It has definitely become our Halloween tradition! To see other spins about Halloween go check out Sprites Keeper.


cbs111 said...

Very nice. We have a similar place wehre I live and my kids love it!

Sprite's Keeper said...

What a great job on the pumpkins! And Leo looks so tickled! You're linked!

VandyJ said...

Wish farming country was closer--we have a two hour drive at least to get to a pumpkin patch or corn maze. Looks like you had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Cute! I liked your perfect pumkin picture! Precious!!