Friday, February 17, 2012

When will it end?

This is a whiny/ranty post so you've been warned.

Jacoby is sick-ish again. Little dude has had a rough 4 months on this Earth. I hate to complain because people have it so much worse but seriously...I've had enough. And at what point do I take him to the doctor? From about 1 month in the dr. has told us that he will be chronically congested and that some kids are. And that there is nothing they/we can do about it. And it sucks. But it seems like every time I end up taking him in something is wrong. Well he's been coughing something fierce for the past few days and sleeping more and eating less. And tonight he's been crying after the coughing fits. So I think I'm going to take him in to the walk-in doctor in the morning. And I hate going in all the time but his cough sounds terrible.. So I guess we'll see in a few hours if I'm being an over-reactive new mom or if my instinct was right (again) and something is wrong.

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