Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I wish I may, I wish I mite

So remember a few weeks ago when I said that I would like to be a stay at home wife but not a stay at home mom? Well I take that statement back. Well not completely but I would, at this point, like to be a SAHM. The reason I say this started about a week ago. We received a note from the daycare letting us know that there had been an outbreak of scabies (ewwwww) on one of the babies in Jacoby’s room. We dutifully read the note and then I put that information to the back of my mind. Jacoby wasn’t showing any symptoms of a rash or acting like he was itchy.

Fast forward to Monday night. I get home from work around 5 to be pounced on by the hubby. And not even in a good way. He said that Ms. Jennifer at the daycare told him that Jacoby had a small rash on his heel and that it looked similar to what the infected child had looked like. So I hurried and got dinner ready and took him to the doctor. Thankfully we go to a doctor that has extended business hours and Monday is our specific doctor’s late night. He said that Jacoby did indeed have little bites on him but to determine exactly what they were they would have to scrape him with a scalpel. He said that if there was already a known case of scabies that was more than likely what it was and he didn’t feel the need to subject Jacoby to that. (thankfully.)

Fast forward 2 hours and $50 later and I’m back at home with 2 bottles of scabies cream (1 had been dropped off at my parent’s house because of course we had spent a good part of the day Sunday with them) and I was covering all members of our family in a lovely lotion that had to be left on for 8-12 hours to kill the bugs. Let me just say…an almost 5 year old thinks it’s hysterical (and mighty tickly) to have a cream rubbed All. Over. Him. I eventually had to let him have some of it so he could cover his unmentionables because he wouldn’t let me do it.

Fast forward 12 hours later and I am scrambling to have enough time to bathe everyone free of the cream and make sure we aren’t touching any surfaces that hadn’t been cleaned since we had to treat and then clean.

Fast forward 12 hours and $20 later and I was in the Laundromat washing all of our pillows, blankets and towels that had been used. It was awesome.

So needless to say I would much rather be dealing with crabby babies and unruly children than yucky little scabies mites. YUCK!

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Sprite's Keeper said...

I don't think there was ever a scabies outbreak at Sprite's daycare, but ew!