Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Is it really a job?

This week's spin is about your dream job.  Unfortunately I'm not working at my dream job now and I doubt I ever will be until retirement. dream job is to be a stay at home wife!  Now a stay at home mom would be a fine job to have but I would prefer to not have that aspect play into my "job." 

My job description would read: A loving wife who takes care of getting the kids off to school or daycare.  Then she can come and go as she pleases (and gets to spend as much money doing that) as long as the house is kept clean and dinner is made.  And of course having delicious snacks ready when the kiddos get home.  Sounds pretty cush right?! 

Here are the requirements:
  • General upkeep of the house to make sure it is clean and presentable
  • Having dinner ready (or at least getting made) by the time the hubby gets home
  • Being a room mother to the kiddos when they get to school
  • Getting monthly pedicures and massages

Now some may ask...don't you have to do these things already?  And my answer is, why yes I do (other than the monthly pedis and massages).  Unfortunately I work 40+ hours a week and am still required (by myself) to do these things because that is what I feel need to be done.  I of course have help with dinner and the kids and some cleaning but if I were able to just focus on that as my "job" that would be amazing! 

So that's my dream job.  What is yours? To see other dream jobs check out the spin this week!


VandyJ said...

The stay at home part sounds great, but I know myself and I would get wildly bored being at home all the time.

Sprite's Keeper said...

As much as I want to be a SAHM and keep the house clean and be with Sprite, I still do enjoy my job. :-)

Patty O. said...

I am a stay at home mom, but I agree with your point--it would be even better if all the kids were in school and I could come and go as I please. I have so many projects that I would love to finish and work more on, but my toddler seriously cramps my style. And when the other two come home, all bets are off.

I wish I were required to get pedis regularly!