Tuesday, January 10, 2012

RTT: Massage thoughts and craziness that is when a new mom goes back to work

Well hello there.  I've missed you...have you missed me?  Well I've missed some of you anyways.  And I've really missed the time I get to sit in peace and write.  But apparently that is a thing of the past now that I've gone back to work.  Anywho...I figured I would start back easy and do a random Tuesday thoughts because that's all that seems to be floating around my muddled brain right now!  So let's go.


I was given a few gift certificates to get massages when I was given my baby sprinkle.  Needless to say the first one has already been used and it felt amazing.  But there were a few things floating in my brain as my body was getting rubbed down.
  • While getting a massage I'm pretty sure the massage therapist could do whatever he/she wanted to do to me (ie: murder me) because my eyes are closed the entire time.  I just don't feel comfortable keeping my eyes open while someone is rubbing me.  It's like when I go to the dentist.  I either close my eyes or focus on the spot on the ceiling that looks like a duck.  That way I don't have to see someone that close in my business.
  • Also, apparently since giving birth to two children I have lost all sense of privacy for my body.  The massage lady says strip down, I do it.  She asks if I want her to work on my gluts I say Heck yes.  She asks if I want a happy ending...just kidding! :) But seriously.  I don't care who or what sees my speckled behind because I know I'm going to get something out of it.
  • I also find it very strange when a complete stranger wants to divulge very personal things one, while I'm naked and two, while we are in a just met situation.  I'm also not big on my massage people talking while massaging but I'll let some things slide.  But when this lady told me that while she was pregnant with her twins she got super sick and almost died and then when she was pregnant with her third child her husband died it kind of ruins my relaxing vibe.  And I know that is a really bitchy thing to say but in a situation where I would not be naked I would have something much more comforting to say than me lying on my stomach while she is massaging my ass.  I'm just saying.
  • I think Enya needs to be compensated for all the massage therapists out there using her music.  I've been to 3 different massage places in my life and all 3 have played Enya.  And her music is definitely relaxing, but I wonder if there is a CD for massages.  Hmmm.
  • And finally...I sometimes think that I could spend less money and just rent out the massage room for an hour and just lay in there in the peace with the stillness and the little waterfall and the Enya music.  Because that might be just as relaxing!

I started back to work 2 weeks ago.  It has been a pretty hectic 2 1/2 weeks and I am still trying to get back into the swing of work.  And it totally sucks.  So if someone has the winning lottery numbers please let me know.  I will even share it with you as long as I have enough money to quit my job forever and ever!

Ok that's enough.  Check out Stacy and keep the rebellion of randoming alive!


Sprite's Keeper said...

John got me a groupon for a massage and I haven't used it yet and want to! But, therapists talking while rubbing my back or such? Please. No.

Davina said...

OH.MY.GOSH. That seems so unprofessional. I think I would report it to the owner. That does seem the exact opposite of relaxing!

I'm so happy you posted though. Missed you!

Kristine said...

Enya Cd`s are what I play when I am soaking in a hot bubble bath with a glass of wine. Her music is sooo soothing..