Saturday, January 21, 2012


After a long day at work I met up with some friends (and Jacoby) and went for sushi. Oh ma gah. This was my first try of sushi and it was...different. The first bite was shocking. Not terrible but not great. Then I had some that was fried on the outside and on the inside was crab, shrimp and cream cheese. That one was pretty good. But I could only eat a little because I was just not sure about it. I think it was the mix of texture and flavor. Strange. But I stepped out of my food bubble and I'm proud of myself!


gretchen said...

Oh...this is only the beginning. As a long time sushi fan, I will warn you that it starts out like this, and then you grow more and more adventurous. Eventually, you end up craving more and more raw fish. It's crazy good, once you get past the idea of the weirdness of it. Yum, now you've got me craving sushi!

Toni said...

Sushi. Not excellent. Not terrible. I can eat a bite, maybe two, but not way could I make a whole meal out of it. My brain won't let me(RAW Fish?! Really??). That and the sometimes fishy taste. (fish taste? Go figure!)