Tuesday, January 31, 2012

RTT: Music, E-Mealz and Fun Times

Hello Tuesday!  You seem like Monday to me since I got a 3 day weekend due to me working this upcoming Saturday.  And while that is not exciting it was very nice to have 3 days that I didn't have any real plans.  Amazing even!  We will get right on this random train because I didn't hook up last week and there is a lot of random going on!

If you read my post yesterday it was about music.  And while I love music (former Sam Goody employee!) I can't stand some country music.  I love the ballads and even some up-beat songs but the songs that really grate on my nerves are the hard-core country songs.  Like the Checking For Ticks song and then I heard a new song about a camouflage truck.  Sadly they are both by Brad Paisley who I think has really good songs but those are the two that stick out the most.  So I guess I have to take the bad with the good.

I bought a Groupon to E-Mealz and I signed up.  It's pretty exciting stuff.  It will tell me what to make for dinner and what I need to buy and that should make dinners so easy.  I've seen the website on quite a few blogs and I followed them on Twitter for a giveaway which I unfortunately did not win but I saw there was a Groupon for a years membership so I figured I would try it.  I took one recipe to finish off this week and then starting Thursday it will be my first full week to use it.  I signed up for the Wal-Mart family one where it gives me 7 days worth of meal plans for between $75-$85 for groceries.  That is a little on the high end for what I spend but I also don't cook 7 nights a week.  So my plan is to choose 4-5 recipes per week and then the other days eat leftovers or do whatever we had planned for that night.  Hopefully it will work out!  Right now I have chicken in the oven and it told me what sides I should have with it and everything.  Easy peasy!

I read The Help this weekend and I really enjoyed it.  I know that I'm WAY late to this party but I wanted to read the book before I watched the movie.  And with all the awards Octavia Spencer was winning for her portrayal of Minnie I wanted to hurry and read it.  So I did.  And then Sunday night after I finished it I ran over to the nearest Redbox that had it and I rented it and watched it that night.  I will say the book was amazing.  And it was a little difficult to get over the bad grammar of the maids talking but I overlooked it.  And of course...the book was way better than the movie.  The movie was ok but I wasn't supremely impressed by it.  And it kills me that they chose Emma Stone as the "ugly, gangly" main character.  Because she is far from ugly.  They definitely uglied her up for the part but she still looked very pretty.  When reading I get very involved in the characters and seeing her playing the Skeeter part was a little unbelievable.  Oh well.  And of course they had to cut stuff out and change it.  I guess I wished they would have gone a little bit more into the snubbing of Skeeter by Elizabeth and Hilly and also the relationship between her and Stuart.  And I thought the way they portrayed her relationship with her mother in the movie was a lot nicer than it was in the book.  Oh well.  I still enjoyed both!

Oh and it's the last day of January.  What?!  So crazy how fast time is going.

Ok and I'll end this post with a few questions...

1) We have a long, rectangular living room.  We also have wood floors and big picture windows in the front.  Needless to say, in the winter it gets pretty chilly.  I saw at Wal-Mart that they have area rugs for about $20.  My question is...do you just randomly put it in the middle of your floor?  I've never lived anywhere that just had a random rug in the middle.  But with Leo wanting to play on the floor and sometimes us putting Jacoby on the floor I would like a little area where I don't have to layer up the blankets for them to be on.

2) Any HR people out there here's a question.  Is it common practice when someone applies for a position if they are not selected the never receive a courtesy call letting them know?  I have applied for several jobs in the last few months at different businesses and I haven't heard from any of them.  I've even called and not even received a call back.  I obviously realize I didn't get the job and I'm ok with that, but it seems like a pretty crappy way to conduct yourself as the HR department.  I don't need to know why I wasn't chosen or anything like that but a simple phone call or email would help.  I would just like to not have to wait for a month before deciding I didn't get the job and looking elsewhere.  Just curious!

Now that you've read my random check out Stacy and all the other rebel randomers.  It will definitely be worth your time!


VandyJ said...

I did Emealz for about nine months. It was pretty cool. and very convenient. I stopped my subscription because I had enough to choose from and a better handle on meal planning for us, but the service was pretty awesome.

Sprite's Keeper said...

I've wondered about Emealz...
I also read and watched the Help. Loved the book, liked the movie, and John, who watched, but did not read, enjoyed it too.