Thursday, January 19, 2012

Problem Solving

Last week I posted about not knowing how to handle mommy duty and adult-sanity keeping-duty.  And I got a few responses.  According to Jen and Gretchen they both think that adult time is a must-have for sanity keeping and that really benefits everyone.  So I am keeping that advice and running with it.  This week already I've gone to visit my grandpa at the hospital and gone out to dinner with my grandma and mom (in the same night) sans kids.  But I also have decided that the time spent with the kids will be time spent together and not just sitting in front of the tv where we all do different things.  I decided that this would be a great resolution for the new year to try as much as I could to stay more connected to them and not as connected to the electronics.  So far it's going pretty well. 

The hubby is part of a paranormal investigation group (that is a whole other story for a different time) and they went on an investigation last Friday.  So while he was out until the early morning Saturday I was spending quality time with my boys.  I picked them up from daycare and took Leo to get a haircut.  After that we all went to the bowling alley and ate dinner and bowled a few games.  We ended our evening playing Phineas and Ferb dominos and then bedtime.  The rest of the weekend went about like that.  I spent a lot of time with the family.  I took a walk with Jacoby and my mom, went to church with Leo, and just all around had a nice time.  And this week has been a lot like that as well.  Every night I've played a few games of Dominos or Pictureka with Leo and had a lot of cuddle time with Jacoby.  I know not every week will go like this but I'm going to put this week so far in the win column.  And hopefully with the quality time it will help with Leo's attitude and with my patience!

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Toni said...

I want to hear the paranormal investigator story! How cool! I would love to try that out.