Friday, January 20, 2012

New Year's Resolution

Well it's not the new year anymore technically but my new year's resolution was to attend church more frequently this year.  Last year I started off really well but then I got pregnant and had a lot of morning sickness and was exhausted all the time and excuses excuses but I quit going.  Again.  So this year I decided no more excuses and for the past 3 Sunday's I've made it to church and 2 of them I've even taken Leo.  But after attending the past few weeks I've been thinking a lot about religion and the thoughts involved with religion.  These thoughts are all my own and I am not here to offend anyone so if you are easily offended due to religious babbling please click away now.  If you're not feel free to peruse what I have to say.  Here we go...

  • We have a new priest and the 2 homilies that he has given have been culture-related.  My mom said these are the only 2 since he's been here that he's given sermons like this but it is leaving a bad taste in my mouth.  The first one was about pornography and being chaste and the one last Sunday was about having lots of kids and guiding them to become holy people (ie: nuns, priests, etc).  Do I think pornography is an issue? Yes.  Is it something I feel needs to be discussed in church in front of children? No.  I also don't think this is an issue the church needs to be dealing with in such a broad aspect.  The main reason I think this is because there are SOOOO many other things that need to be focused on such as poverty, hunger, homelessness, etc.  I also don't think it is the church's place to tell me how many kids to have.  At least he said he wasn't saying to just go out and have babies to have them.  He said though to keep an open mind to having more kids if you could and guiding them to the church.  I'm ok with the guiding but I also think it would be hard as a parent knowing that one of your two (in my case) wouldn't be getting married or having kids since being Catholic it means the priests don't partake in that activity.  (edited to add: The thought of your kid not having kids was given to me by my credit where credit is due but I really do think it would be hard as a parent knowing that.)
  • There have been a lot of crappy things going on for me job-wise and I have applied for many jobs and haven't heard back at all on quite a few.  I think that is horrible business practice but that's how it goes.  I was thinking about it and was praying about getting a new job when I started thinking that maybe this wasn't something I should be praying for.  Now, praying for peace regarding my situation is one thing but I don't think that God needs to be concerned with my getting a new job.  Another one is selling our house.  Not something tha needs to be prayed for.  We at least have a house and the financial means to pay for it so not something that I should be wasting my prayers on.  And I feel this about a lot of things I'm sure people pray for.  Now if I had no job and had no means of getting another job or feeding my family then it becomes something (in my opinion) to be praying for.  But just because I'm annoyed with how things have played out for me?  That seems kind of selfish.  Especially when there are so many other things that are much bigger to be prayed about. 
  • Tim Tebow.  There I said it.  I am so annoyed with the God's quarterback business.  I think it is ridiculous how people have said that God had a hand in controlling how games turned out.  First...see above.  I'm pretty sure God has a lot bigger fish to fry than worry about how the Denver Broncos and Tim Tebow are doing on a few Sunday's a year.  Second...It's football.  Get a clue.  I'm not a fan of Tim Tebow as a quarterback but as a person he seems like a super-awesome guy.  He does a lot of charitable work and I even cried when I watched a little segment on Sportcenter showing him meeting a little kid with cancer who tweeted he was Tebowing while Chemoing.  I think that shows amazing character.  There is no reason every celebrity/musician/athlete couldn't do more of that in their community.  But going back to God...I don't think so.  I'm of the belief that God gives you the talent and you have to decide what you're going to do with it.  Tim has shown that not only will he (try) to be a good quarterback but he will use his celebrity status to do good.  And I'm ok with that.
  • Finally...I am sick of all the kids that have cancer.  I know that God doesn't give people cancer but I would really like if he could take it away.  I also know that they say He never gives you more than you can handle but I don't believe that.  Because I don't believe that any set of parents can handle the deaht of a child.  Just in our small community I have been reading the stories of 2 little kids under the age of 2 who have leukemia.  1 of them has overcome it and gone into remission and the other one had a bone marrow transplant a week or two ago and is fighting for her life.  So again...this really doesn't go with everything else other than the fact that I think it's crappy that kids are even allowed to have cancer. 
So there you have it.  My ridiculous thoughts on religion.  And again...if you have read through all of this I'm guessing you are not offended but if you were I'm sorry.  These are just the simple thoughts of a girl who's been brought up Catholic and trying to make heads or tails of everything!

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