Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Excitement

As I'm sure a lot of posts out there lately have been revolving around Christmas, mine are no different.  But I saw on Facebook the other day by Jen who I know from high school but now blogs she said that she now realizes why her parents were so excited for was to see the excitement in their kids faces. (I'm paraphrasing...that's the gist of it because I can't remember word for word...) And I completely understand that sentiment.  While it is completely annoying every time Leo walks by a present he asks me if that is the Nerf gun we got him (We didn't get him a Nerf gun...Santa did and it's not wrapped and won't be seen until Christmas morning) but just seeing the joy in his face every time he moves the candy cane a day closer to Christmas moves me.  And we did the Portable North Pole tracker and I almsot cried because I was so excited for Leo.  It's just amazing to see the excitement and joy in the little kiddos faces around this time of year and we always take a minute to let Leo know why we are celebrating Christmas.  For us it's the birth of Jesus and while we don't shove it down his throat we (I) try to remind him when he gets crazy about the presents.  But we were sitting as a large family at the in-laws last night I won't lie that I made the comment that we should open presents then because I was excited for Leo to be excited!  But we waited and will do the opening of the gifts tonight and then Santa will come and Leo will be so thrilled when he wakes up tomorrow morning with a stupid-awesome Nerf gun and of course new undies and candy to fill his stocking.  I hope you and yours all have a happy holidays and Merry Christmas.  I will try to post some pictures of Jacoby's first Christmas (in his hand-me-down Christmas outfit--it was Leo's Easter outfit!) and of course all the awesomeness of the holidays through a 4-year-olds eyes!

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