Tuesday, December 13, 2011

RTT: sleep, vacations and freezing December

Hi hi!  It's Tuesday and that means RaNdOm!  Yep.  And I'm back to blogging this week so you can get some random!

Jacoby has not been sleeping the best in his bed.  It has to do with a huge amount of congestion he has and the lack of us being able to give him anything because of doctor's not giving decongestants to babies.  So we do a lot of nasal sucking with the little sucker thingy.  And he doesn't have a lot that is readily available for sucking.  So we don't get much which means he continues to be congested.  But I bought a sleep sack and he seemed to do ok with it last night.  I'm hoping as the congestion subsides he will sleep better.  But the nights where I'm up every 2 hours suck.  I'm just saying!

It's flipping-flapping cold here in Kansas.  And it's not even that cold.  But I hate to turn up the heat during the day while I'm at home because of stupid-high gas bills.  So I sit here typing in a sweatshirt, yoga pants and socks pulled up to my knees!  But don't worry...I'm not keeping the house too cold.  It's set at 66 during the day but the wood floors really cool the house off in the winter.

I've realized since I've been home that I am not a normal meal eater.  I could easily just snack all day and be fine.  Today all I've eaten are 2 cookies left over from my shower this weekend.  By the time I start to feel hungry I think it's too late to eat lunch and so I just put it off and snack.  So not a good way to start my eating healthier campaign!

I watched a show on the Galapagos Island this weekend on National Geographic Wild and it was so amazing.  It made me want to travel the world. I have never had the desire to just go everywhere but watching that and seeing the wildlife it definitely made me crave independence to just be able to travel wherever and whenever I want.  I think an added baby has really made me see that my life is definitely theirs for the next 18 years.  Not that I regret it though!  I just need to learn to save better/spend less so I can go on vacations when they're a little older!

Leo has been being extra defiant lately to me and I know it's a phase but it is annoying me.  Everything I ask him to do I have to say 5 times before he listens.  I have got to the point where he is losing privileges when I have to continually repeat myself.  Any suggestions?

Enough from me...throw your random down and link with Stacy.  It will be the best thing you do today!

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Kristine said...

We're in Ontario, Canada and this will be the first Christmas in a LONG time that it won't be white. More like mud filled...