Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chrismtas Goodies

 Yesterday in my random post I said I was going to do some Christmas baking.  I really had planned on doing this and giving it to my peeps on Christmas but then realized my plan was flawed.  It was flawed because I was going out of town from Wednesday-Sunday and I wouldn't have time to make them between Christmas gatherings on Sunday.  Soooo I didn't want to give them old goodies.  So I got to making on Tuesday.  And I had a little elf that helped me. 
His ridiculously cheesy face
His happy face

Of course after realizing that he couldn't eat every single thing I made he quickly tired of his task.  So after he left and I finally got him and his brother napping at the same time (HALLELUJAH!) I had some quiet time to myself listening to Christmas music and just enjoying the time spent with myself.  My menu consisted of sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, rice krispie treats and chocolate covered pretzels. 
The cookies

with the rice krispie treats (I forgot to take pictures of them separately)

Chocolate covered pretzels

And the finished product
All in all I think everything turned out great!  I delivered them Tuesday night and hopefully the recipients enjoy them as much as I did making them (and of course sampling them!)


CBC said...

that pic of leo is so cute!! that needs to be a christmas card or on an ornament or something.

Anonymous said...

It all looks so scrumptious! U;ve never tried to make chocolate pretzels but now you've given me an idea!

anymommy said...

Cutie pie. Well done ... I do not have the patience for my kids in the kitchen and I'm always SO impressed by mothers that can take it ;-)

gretchen said...

Everything looks delicious! And I love those gift boxes. Where did you get them? Oh, and your helper is pretty darned cute too!