Tuesday, February 28, 2012

RTT: KU 8STR8 and other banter

Happy Tuesday!  It's time for some random.

  • I don't know if any of you follow college basketball but I DO!  And my team I've been following since I was a wee lass (the KU Jayhawks!) won their 8th straight Big 12 championship.  And this is on a "rebuilding" year.  They won a CRAZY overtime game on Saturday versus their main league rival.  And it was amazing!  That's all I'll say until tournament time.  Where I hope I get to say that they are national champions!
  • Leo turned 5 on Friday.  My little baby.  All growed up.  And while I see crazy tendencies of a grown up young man I still see my little baby.  Mainly when he throws temper tantrums.  Or gets mad at me and decides he needs to stomp his feet.  And while I hate when he acts this way it makes me feel a little bit better because I know my little boy is still in there.  Also...there will be a post later this week of our fun-filled birthday weekend.  It was jam-packed full of awesomeness!
  • Jacoby is FINALLY starting to feel better.  But now all of us others are feeling it. I'm pretty sure we are all just suffering from allergies because as the weather keeps changing (hot, cold, rainy, sunny) we get better and then worse.  But it's so nice that Jacoby is not constantly crying and is showing a super funny personality!
  • Ugh.  I'm still on a job hunt.  Work still isn't at a place where I want it to be so I'm looking to try to find that place in my life that will be a shining star.  Haven't found it yet!
  • I partcipated in a Valentine's day gift blog swap.  We got our emails February 11th for our respective person to gift.  I got my gift out to my person almsot 2 weeks ago and haven't heard back that they received it or liked it or anything.  And I haven't received anything from my partner. I'm confused...and I really don't want to email the person I sent it to because I don't want to make them feel awkward but I want to make sure they got it.  What to do what to do.
  • I watched the Oscars Monday (I dvr'd it).  I love Billy Crystal.  Did not love what he did as a host.  But the whole show was pretty boring.  There was also not a lot of high fashion.  The most memorable was stupid Angelina Jolie's jutted out leg pose and J Lo's nipple.  Both dumb moments that had nothing to do with movies.  Get it together ladies!
There is so much more I have but I'll end it here.  Go visit Stacy and other random rebels!


Stacy Uncorked said...

Yay for your team and 8 in a row! :)

Happy (belated) birthday to Leo! Little Dude will be 5 in November - and I know what you mean about them being little men instead of babies. Except when they're throwing their temper tantrums or stomp their feet when they're mad. ;)

I'm wondering if the lingering cold crap that Princess Nagger and I have been sporting for over a month is definitely related to the crazy weather fluctuations. I'm not happy with Mother Nature this year.

I hate being part of a swap and the recipient never acknowledges if they got the stuff sent to them, and/or when you send something and don't get anything in return. I hope you find out what happened - I'd totally email the recipient of what you sent just as a friendly "Just want to make sure your package arrived safe and sound" kind of deal.

I'm in absolute agreement with your comments about the Oscars this year - very disappointing!

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gretchen said...

Happy Birthday Leo! You should totally email your swap partner. I bet they got it and loved it and have just spaced out. Bad manners, but...