Friday, June 1, 2012


Gretchen wanted to wash away all the bad vibes from last weeks spin cycle about hate with this weeks about love.  And I'm all for that!  So here we go...

I love watching Jacoby try to learn how to crawl.  Dude gets up like he's doing a push-up but then flattens back down when his arms get tired.  He normally just pivots (who's with me when they hear the word pivot and think of Ross on Friends in the stairwell?) and gets where he wants to go within a 360 degree radius.

I love watching Leo at t-ball practice.  The games are a little chaotic for my taste but the practices havea a much more controlled feel and I know they only last an hour so it's not an all night thing.

I love that I'm having a garage sale with my sister-in-law and I've already doubled what I wanted to make. I didn't have my expectations too high but a lot of my stuff has sold and people haven't even tried to haggle prices.  And we still have one more day!  Maybe I will get to splurge and get that dress I had my eye on!

I love that Jacoby is getting tubes in his ears next week so that way we (hopefully) won't have any more mid-week phone calls from the daycare saying he's running a fever and tugging at his ears.

I love that my friend Kirby is coming back to visit in a week and will be here for 2 weeks for work and I'll get to visit with her and at the end of the month my friend Camdin from Chicago will be here for almost a week for our reunion!  ALSO, we're having a bbq in a few weeks with a lot of friends so June is going to be a happy month for me!

I love that pop is always on sale in the summer!  I don't have to get the cheap off-brand pop becuase the real (good) stuff is on sale for almost as cheap!

I love that we got a family picture taken for the church directory but that we also got a free 10X13 just for doing it.  And the picture turned out really good if I do say so myself! :)

I love that my list of loves is greater than my list of hates!  That's the way to do it!

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gretchen said...

Woohoo on the garage sale boon! LOVE that. In fact, I love all of your loves. And I'm jealous that your church directory picture is good! Jude and I took one (Jimmy is...mmm...not a church goer) that is absolutely, positively the WORST picture ever taken of either of us. Hysterical. I should probably post it on my blog to give everybody a laugh. Thanks for all of your loves, it definitely made the end of my day much happier!

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