Sunday, June 3, 2012


What a weekend! My weekend started Thursday when we decided Jacoby needed to stay home from school due to a rash and a lingering fever. I took him to the doctor and he had another ear infection with hand, foot and mouth on top of it. Apparently it's going around because my doctor said he saw 10 cases alone on Sunday. Then I went to my brothers and was there pretty much through Saturday helping at the garage sale. Mixed in with the garage sale I went to our towns festival and walked a 2 mile race. My mom and I took Leo, Jacoby and my niece and we finished. In last place. Haha! But we had a lot of fun! Sunday was a lazy day. The hubby golfed and I stayed in my Jammie's until 4 when I got ready to go to my friends birthday party. We had a BBQ and tie dyed with the kiddos. This weekend was a blur but seriously amazing. I can only hope the rest of my summer weekends are as awesome as this one was.

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gretchen said...

Love the pictures! That is what summer should be!