Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Random musings on a Wednesday


So even though it’s Wednesday and not Tuesday I’m going to throw together a random post.  I saw on another blog (forgive me, because I don’t remember where) that Google has a history and I thought it would be funny to see my Google history.  Here we go…


·         C-diff (Someone I knew had recently been diagnosed with it)

·         Floyd Mayweather (I saw on the ESPN ticker that he was requesting house arrest instead of prison because he had a doctors note saying if he stayed in prison he would have irreparable damage to his body and wouldn’t be able to box ever again)

·         How are birds not electrocuted (I was trying to win an argument with the hubby…and I did!)

·         Movies with Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston (my sister-in-law was talking about a movie with them and couldn’t remember the name)

·         Can birth control cause heartburn

·         Elisabeth Haas

·         What is #oomf (It means one of my followers)

·         Brave (the movie)

·         Multiple Sclerosis

·         What does it mean when your gearshift won’t move from park (my poor car)

·         How to tie a belt (I bought a belt…had no idea how to tie it)

·         How to cut a pineapple (My mom asked me and I googled it.  Because that’s how I roll!)


I pretty much love google because it will tell you anything you want to know.  And I believe everything I read.  So there’s that!  :)


Also, this past weekend I collected all of my birthday funds and went shopping with my mom and grandma.  And I was a bargain queen!  I got 2 dresses, a belt, a sweater, a tank top and a pair of slacks all for $200.  I saved $150.  So savings of 43%.  Not bad!  Especially when I think of how much the regular prices were on some of the things.  Like the slacks were originally $80 and I got them for $35 from Express.  And both dresses were from the Limited and got them for 40% off plus an additional $10 off each one.  So that put them down to $38 and $50.  Also, all of these items I can wear to work and I will be wearing one of the dresses to my reunion.  Score!

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