Monday, June 25, 2012

Weight Watchers Week 2

Starting Weight: 147.2
New weight: 144.6
Down 2.6 pounds!!

This week has been an interesting week in terms of stamina/accountability.  I have exercised quite a bit more...5 out of 7 days.  Not too shabby.  And I did a variety of activities.  I checked out a Biggest Loser DVD from the library so I did that 3 days, I walked with my mom and aunt twice and I bowled once.  And if you're counting at home...I did exercise twice in one day (bowling and walking).  So I can definitely say I've been more active.  I also have been very conscious of what I've been eating and the portion sizes.  And while I feel like I am starving a lot of the time I just need to re-train my body to know what proper portion sizes are.

Biggest success of the week: Other than exercising so much my biggest success was how I ordered when I went out to eat over the weekend.  We went to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants.  At the meeting last week they talked about if our points that we were choosing to eat were worth it.  So instead of ordering queso (my favorite thing ever in the whole history of all eating out establisments) AND getting an entree that was chalk-full of cheese and sour cream I chose to get a small queso and a grilled chicken breast with none of the toppings.  So instead of maxing out all my daily points plus all my "bonus" points in one meal I had leftover bonus points to help me through the rest of the weekend.  Woo hoo!

Worst part of the week: I didn't really have a bad day or feel like I wanted to quit this week.  But we don't have a lot of healthy snacks in our house right now (payday is Friday...haha!) so when I've been hungry after I've eaten dinner I haven't been able to snack on anything to make my stomach feel full.  So thankfully Friday will be here in a few days so I can stock up on fruits and veggies so if I do get hungry I can grab one of those and eat to my hearts content without feeling guilty or feel like I'm wasting points!

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