Friday, November 2, 2012


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I’ve heard that saying more than once.  And it seems like these days my beholders are my kids.  So the beauty they are seeing is a lot different than the beauty that I projected in high school and my first years of college. 
What started my beauty regime in high school was a little powder and some eye makeup.  Mix that in with bi-monthly hair coloring (because as a high school kid who worked quite a bit I didn’t really have anything better to spend my money on) and the latest fashion from Express and American Eagle.  Maybe Maurices.  Never Wal-Mart.  Oh no.
College went much of the same way.  I always have had pretty clear skin and a nice complexion so foundation was always just an after-thought.  If I had a little extra cash flow I would pick some up. If not, just slap on some powder and I’d be good to go.
These days it seems like I’m lucky if I get a daily shower.  I was recently telling a friend who might be adopting a baby soon, that I was lucky if I made it out the door without boogers or poop on me.  And I wasn’t kidding!   I also have had a lot more complexion issues.  Not with blemishes so much as just seeing age spots (I’m 28 for crying out loud!) and much more dry skin.  I have also recently started washing my face daily.  That was something that was unheard of.  I’m the worst when it comes to beauty products.  Scented lotions and soaps make me really itchy so I buy Vaseline lotion but it’s better than nothing!  My makeup routine is trying to slap some foundation on but if not at least eye liner and mascara so I don’t look dead!  I just try to make it seem like I’m not putting too much focus on what I look like though, so my boys don’t grow up with a mirror-obsessed mommy.  I think that you can have the best of both worlds.  Try to look nice without spending a ton of time on it.  So hopefully I can make that mix work!

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