Monday, November 5, 2012


Yep.  It's another spin post. You tired of these yet? We'll I'm not! So this one is about fall.

Fall. Autumn. Whatever you want to call it, it is upon us. It is absolutely my favorite season EVER. And there is so much to like about it.  Not only do we get Halloween and Thanksgiving you can mix in the beginning of Christmas too.  Love! Here are just a few things I am loving about fall right now!

Any and all things pumpkin.  Yum!
Woot woot!  It's RGIII.  Aka the savior of the Washington Redskins. I'm just stoked we've won some games this year.  And hopefully we'll win a few more before the season is over.
Rock Chalk Jayhawk!  Basketball season has started.
This outfit right here?! So stinking cute.  I love fall becuase you can wear cute clothes but not have to have a ridiculously huge coat over all the cuteness.  I seriously want this whole outfit.
Now that I get to wear real clothes to work I love to see what people can come up with.  And this dress right here, with the tights?  So cute.

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Ginny Marie said...

I absolutely love wearing tights in the winter! That dress is really cute!