Thursday, November 22, 2012

November Thankfulness: Day 22 and a Spin

Seeing that it's Thanksgiving and all Gretchen chose to let us off easy with a thankful spin.  So continuing with my 30 days of thankfulness I'll give you a more in depth post today.

As I've been sitting at home by myself with a sick baby today, except for a short time in the middle of the day (thanks mom for bringing me food!) I've been thinking about who I'm thankful for.  I've already told you I'm thankful for the family I live with and even though I left those pretty short and sweet I'm supremely grateful for them.  But I am close with my immediate family as well so today that is who I'm thankful for...

I'm thankful for my mom.   Even though she didn't feel well today too, she came over and brought me food from the Thanksgiving dinner that I missed and hung out with me for almost 2 hours.  She knew I'd be lonely and bored spending my holiday with no adult interaction (the hubby went ahead and took Leo to his family celebration).  And while it's not out of the ordinary for her to do something like that I am so grateful for it.  She does so much and I feel like I will never be able to repay what she means to me.

I'm thankful for my dad.  He will (and does) do pretty much anything I need him to do (within reason).  He helps take Leo to school a few days a week so we don't have to pay so much in before school care and he used to pick him up from the daycare and just hang with Leo one evening a week.  Just the special bond he has with Leo is so awesome to see.  It is amazing to see the love and admiration Leo has for his grampy! :)

I'm thankful for my brother.  He and I were not terribly close as kids but as we've both grown and he moved back to our hometown and settled down we have become closer.  Obviously I'm a family girl so we're not nearly as close as I'd like to be but it's nice that we see each other quite a bit and do things together.  I was especially thankful when he thought to invite Leo and I to the movies with his family last night.  It wasn't something he had to do, but it was nice that he included us.

I'm thankful for my sister-in-law.  When my brother first brought Amy home I knew she was the one.  And even though there were ups and downs I am so thankful that she has stuck around! :)  She is awesome in the fact that she always thinks of the little things for the kiddos around the holidays and always has fun things for them.  And she is an awesome baker.  She also gives me something to strive for because she is pretty much superwoman/supermom.  So I'm thankful she is in our lives because I have someone to keep me on track! Haha.

And I'm thankful for my aunt Davi and uncle Bob.  While they're not technically immediate family they are my Godparents so I'm going to count them.  They always are there when needed.  And Davi is my walking partner (even though I've been slacking lately!).  I'm so grateful that they have stayed a major part of my life and become a part of Leo and Jacoby's lives.  And they're the ones that talked me into sending Leo to the Catholic school and so I'm definitely grateful for that!

As you can see I have a LOT of people to be thankful for and so instead of wallowing today I'm wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving and hope you have as much to be thankful for as I do!


gretchen said...

You're so lucky to have your mom and dad nearby. It's precious that your dad and Leo have a special relationship like that, so dear. It sounds like you have a very blessed life. SO sorry that your Thanksgiving was housebound, but how lovely of your mom to take care of you.

You are linked!

Amy said...

Moms are pretty awesome. My mom also does stuff like that all the time that I can never repay. So unselfish!

Davina said...

Awww...all of your post made me cry, but especially that you included Bob and me. We're thankful for you and that you let us be a part of your life and your family's life! :) We love you and you are such a blessing to us! <3 ...speaking of, when are we going to walk and/or go to a movie?!? LOL! :)