Sunday, November 4, 2012


Everyone’s a critic.  The same goes for fanatics.  Just not all for the same thing.  I am a die-hard fan.  When it comes to my team I will root for them until I’m blue in the face.  I’ve posted before on my love for the Royals, Redskins, Jayhawks and Cardinals. 

The thing is…the Royals and the Cardinals both play baseball.  So how am I a fan of both?  Well like I tell my hubby, since we live in Kansas the Royals games are broadcast nightly and so I am able to watch them a lot more.  But when I can, I will watch the Cardinals when they are shown on TV.  So it’s like having a friend that lives here in town I will get to see more so they are a lot more involved in my daily life.  But I have a friend who lives in Chicago, who when she comes into town, even though I don’t see her all the time, we can pick up right where we left off.  And that’s how I feel about my baseball teams.  So this post season when the Cardinals were SO close to making the World Series again I was rooting for them with all my heart and soul but unfortunately it just wasn’t enough.  They were beat by the dumb ol’ San Francisco Giants who went on to win the whole shebang against the Detroit Tigers in 4 games.  Aw well.  We won it all last year.  Gotta let someone else have a turn!
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