Thursday, April 18, 2013

Don't quote me on that

I’m pretty sure that if they had actual reality shows for normal/abnormal (depending on how you look at it) then my life would be the perfect show. The hubby and I spend about 90% of our conversations working in movie and television quotes. Sometimes we’ll even throw lyrics in from songs. And since Leo is now old enough for comedic relief he throws in a quote every now and again. It’s actually quite hilarious. I know there are some days where this gets on my last nerve because, seriously, I just want to have a normal conversation. And then there are other days where it seems like every sentence is something that could have gone one way or another depending on where we took it. So here are just a few of the ones that we use on a pretty regular basis…


Can’t rain all the time. – The Crow

Hey little pig….BOO! –Space Jam (this is a Leo quote)

Fishy-fishay –McDonalds commercial (Leo started singing this at the drive through at McDonalds while the hubby was trying to order. So hilarious)

This is going to be legend-wait for it-dary –How I Met Your Mother

Any time I say I’m uncomfortable the hubby will ask me “Like in the back of a Volkswagon” from Mallrats.

Again, any time we have to say the number 37 we will make a sucking noise…thanks to Clerks.

Pretty much every. single. Kevin Smith movie is quotable. There are so many good ones that work in every day conversations.

Mm-hmmm. What? You don’t own that—Scrubs

Her-dee-der –Cougartown (this one was all me. I freaking love that show! And Christa Miller is hilarious!)


Seriously though, we are pretty much a bunch of movie-loving dorks in our house and can muster up quotes for almost every conversation. It’s a little difficult to come up with them on the spot without having a conversation to go with. But above is a good list!


Stop by Second Blooming to see other quotables this week. I’m sure it will be a doozy!



gretchen said...

This could be my house! Jimmy knows every line from every DiNero/Brando/Pacino movie ever made,and quotes them constantly!

You are linked!

Ginny Marie said...

That is so funny! I'm terrible at remembering quotes, but my husband quotes old 80's songs...a lot!