Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Truth About Love

Yesterday I talked about the new P!NK album that I bought. I'm pretty much in love with it but these two songs are my favorite.

This first one is the song "Just Give Me A Reason" that she sings with Nate Ruess from Fun. It's pretty much the reason I bought the album but all the songs are good.

After listening to the other songs on this album I found this little gem. It is "True Love" and it is so awesome. It pretty much sums up my relationship. I've always said that my hubby drives me crazy but I love him so much.

I tried to embed the videos but neither one would work...whether it was user error, Blogger error or just plain errors. So go take a gander and see if you like them!

(Also, this post was obviously not sponsored but if P!NK wants to take me on tour with her and/or pay me for this post she can!)

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