Thursday, April 11, 2013

Random Friday Thoughts

Random thoughts on a Friday-

My 24 year old, male co-worker signed off on an email to me XOXO Gossip Girl. I still think he's a perfect match for my K-State alum BFF!

Why do they put an expiration date on puppy chow? Do they think I'm not going to inhale the bag once it's open?

I heard the song Mama's Broken Heart by Miranda Lambert on the radio with lyrics that said 'Hide your crazy and start actin' like a lady' and just cracked up. Even though it's a silly song I completely get it. I know after things have been rough you just have to put on a good face to make things look a little better.

My Royals are in first place in their division and are riding a 4 game winning streak! I know it's only April but baseball is starting out wonderful.

Mother Nature has gone a little crazy in Kansas. Monday was 71, Tuesday was 73, Wednesday was rainy then turned to sleet and was 34 and today the high is 52. This weekend is supposed to be 76. Seriously? Just pick a temp (preferably in the 70s) and stick with it. My hubby's hometown had a degree differential of 50 degrees from Tuesday to Wednesday. Crazy!

I'm not very familiar with iTunes and when I went to buy the new P!NK album I bought the edited version because I figured the one with the red E meant edited. Nope-it means explicit. Oh well.

I started using Bloglovin since Reader will be going away soon and it works just the same. Good enough for me!

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