Monday, August 17, 2009

Corner office please

It's days like today I wish I had an office. I am holed up in a small bank branch located inside a grocery store. Space is limited to say the least. Today was my first day back from vacation and I just holed up in the back room, wedged in between the cash and coin vaults and stared at the computer almost all day. My vacation was great but it also felt nice to get back to work. Not having an extremely emotional 2-year-old was nice, but today I got to deal with extremely emotional 20-somethings. Sometimes I wonder which is the better choice. At least my son really doesn't understand how to behave 100% of the time. But back to my hole...I had to deal with all of the drama that happened in the 9 days I was gone since somebody still feels the need to be on maternity leave! I had to figure out schedules, put away the supplies that had been delivered last week that no one felt the need to put away, ditto with the travelers checks that were received. (I one does anything around there unless I specifically tell them too. It's kind of annoying...again, going back to the which is better, 2 or 20 year old.) Listen to people complain about their schedules that haven't even been made...I'm pretty sure no one bothers to see that I'm working a 7:30-8. Yeah, an 11.75 hour day. Pretty fabulous. Gotta love those! I'll just complain to you guys! You are my refuge away from work! those people...I'll continue to call them that. One person said they missed me, but just a little bit. I definitely did respond to her and said that I only kind of missed them. I get no respect I tell ya! Well that was my Monday. I don't really have much going on the rest of the week. I will be posting some pictures from my vacation so you can be jealous of all the fun times I had! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Im sorry you work with people who are lazy and do not pull their weight. But at the same time, part of it is your fault since you need to BOSS them and get them to do stuff so you dont have to do it all! They know what they can get away with and it seems that they know you wont care and will handle it all!! That sucks! Take a stand, you can do it.