Thursday, August 6, 2009

If I could live in a different time...

I went to music theater last night and saw the Drowsy Chaperone. It is a new(ish) play that originated in Canada and then moved to Broadway. It is very funny and I think everyone should see it! is about an older gentleman who is alone and has the blues so he busts out an old record and it transports him back in time to the 1920s where he is seeing the whole tale take place in his living room. It made me think about if I could have lived in a different time when would it be.
I think living in the 1920s would have been fabulous because they had electricity but it was a more relaxed time period (I think!). They also had fabulous clothes and just the way people behaved (you know, I'm just basing this off of what I have read about in books and seen in movies...real educated!). I also think the 60s would have been great. Free love, peace, awesome music. Yeah...also the 60s had a time where there were actually politicians that believed in what they were saying. Just seeing how people reacted to Martin Luther King, RFK and JFK...their speeches, their deaths...just amazing how you could see them and felt like there was something to believe in. I wish we had that now. No one screams to me, hey listen to me...I'm saying something important. Yeah, not so much. Anyways...I was going to do a murder-mystery dinner thing for my birthday, which sadly passed 2 months ago but I think I am really going to do it soon and I will probably get a story based out of one of those 2 eras so I can dress up and pretend for the night that I am living there! I'm a nerd...whatever!

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