Saturday, August 22, 2009

T-minus 10 months

10 months until my brother's wedding. 10 months until I have to look gorgeous in a bridesmaid's dress (but not more than the bride of course!). 10 months until I am done being fed up with what I look like in pictures, the mirror, etc. Starting tomorrow I am Wii-fitting it up, eating healthier and getting on an exercise routine that will work for me. I am waiting until tomorrow because I am going out tonight, not because I'm a procrastinator. Ok, well maybe a little! Anyways...I am starting another spin class mid-September where I will go twice a week for 30 minutes. So that will only leave me 3-5 days that I need to fill with other sorts of exercises. I am going to take more walks since fall is swiftly approaching. I will get my money's worth from the Wii Fit. And I will not use the excuse of being too tired to not work out. This is where my bloggy friends come in! I want your feedback and I want your support! I know there are many others of you out there that want to exercise more. Not just to lose weight, but just to feel better about yourselves. Tell me what you do to accomplish those goals. Tell me what sort of exercise programs or videos, or whatever you are doing. And keep my lazy behind motivated! If I see other people are meeting their goals it will make me want to work even harder! My goal for the next week is to work out 4 days next week. I just want to get going and that is the goal I am setting for myself! To you and to me...GOOD LUCK! :)

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