Monday, December 7, 2009

The freezing abyss

I know it's December and all but dang it was cold today. Today was my grandma, my mom's and I's annual Christmas shopping day. We go every year shopping around town to help get Christmas taken care of for everyone. And today I must say was a success. I spent $85 and I took care of all the finishing touches on my list. The only person left to buy for is my father-in-law and I have an idea of what we are getting him if my husband decides that the tickets to the KU game are not going to work. HOpefully they will work and we can take the monkey to his first KU basketball game and he can chant Rock Chalk Jayhawk...but I don't know if it is gonna work. Anyways...back to the shopping. I was incredibly satisfied with the deals that I got today. I got a tie for my brosef for only $7! An amazing find! And I got his son a few New Orleans Saints items that will hopefully brighten his holidays! And rounding off the list were a few items for my sis-in-law who reads this sometimes so that will be kept a secret! I hope everyone's Christmas lists are dwindling down because according to our snowman calendar there are only 17 days until Christmas!

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Heather said...

I attemped to get it all done yesterday also, but still need to find the tools dad wants. Other than that I am d.o.n.e.!!

Glad you are almost done too!