Sunday, December 6, 2009

Spin Cycle...Dear Santa

This week over at the Spin Cycle is our wish lists. Now I should not be shallow in any way and say that all I want for Christmas is my family to all be together and that we have a safe and happy holidays. But I'm not going that route. I'll go with a few things that I wish Santa would slap underneath my tree. Some real and some wishful thinking...

  1. I wish for about 20...oh what the hell, this is a wish list...40 pounds to be taken from myself. I don't care where it goes as long as it gets off of me.
  2. I wish that when we spend Christmas Eve at my in-laws that they would let Santa come on Christmas morning and not have stockings filled on Christmas Eve. Last time I read Twas The Night Before Christmas Santa came when the kiddos were sleeping Christmas Eve.
  3. I wish for lots and lots of money. And if Santa doesn't pay in cash then I can just leave my bills and he can go ahead and pay them for me.
  4. I wish that Leo would be able to use the toilet without fighting me, stop fighting me over dumb things and also just still be a 2-year-old without the crazy terrible twos.
  5. Now on to some real things...I would like the new Mario Brothers Wii game.
  6. The new Harry Potter and Johnny Depp movies.
  7. Giftcards to spend an evening out with the hubby
  8. And finally I will say that I would like to have enough time to spend during the holidays with my family and that everyone makes it to all their places safely.

Please Santa. I have been a good girl this year so if you could even throw in a few of my items I would appreciate it! And please know that these delicious, fresh-baked cookies and this ice cold glass of milk is definitely there as a bribe to maybe throw in a few extras that you know I would like!



To see other Christmas lists from other good boys and girls check out I hope everyone gets what they ask for!


Sprite's Keeper said...

Ooh, if Santa pays bills, I'll just leave my passwords to my budget spreadsheets and let him sweat it out for a few hours. I'd better leave some good cookies, huh? Great list! You're linked!

Heather said...

Love the wish list! Glad to see you didn't go with the mushy stuff. Honesty is best! LOL

D.M. Wright said...

Pay the bills - that's a good one!! Yeah, Santa, while you are at it, balance my checkbook and do my taxes!!