Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lady Gaga, bad music and Christmas time!

It’s Tuesday again and that means a bunch of nonsense from my neck of the woods…

I am so sick of Lady Gaga. She annoys me and they are giving away tickets to a show that is coming close to Wichita. And so they play all her songs and they play commercials with her songs in them. Go away. To go with that though…I am sad to say that I do like ridiculously stupid music. I love that Tick Tock song by Ke$ha. I can’t quit singing it. I also loved a song that I heard one time awhile ago, Who’s Got Your Money by Tina Parol. Yeah, never heard another song from her. I don’t know what it is but I am sucker for crappy music.

I do also like good music though. I am waiting to see if I get a ticket to the Elton John/Billy Joel concert that is coming here in March. That would be super amazing. My brother waited in line for 3 hours to get tickets and he had a terrible time. He was the 9th person in line at the place he was buying them from and when he went to get them the ticket printer jammed. And because of the line they wouldn’t reprint the tickets right then. It seemed pretty scandalous but I am waiting to hear from him if he ended up getting the tickets or not. Hopefully so. If not, I guess I will just buy a music video DVD and watch it the night of the concert to make myself feel better!

I am a walking potty-training parent fail. I went to the monkeys daycare the other day and the teacher asked me if he was going to the bathroom at home. I told her no and she started laughing. She said that Leo had told her that he didn’t go at home and she didn’t believe him. She said he goes great at school. I think peer pressure is working at school but not at home. I even tried to bribe him with a present to go numero dos on the pot but he said no thank you. Even when the present (a Christmas present) was wafted under his little nose.

I also read a blog about a parent that has cut her children off from television. I think that is amazing. But I could never do it. Firstly because I love watching TV so I would set a terrible example. Also, because whatever cartoon is on, be Dora, Diego, Handy Manny, Mickey…the list goes on…it keeps the monkey out of my hair if I am trying to get ready for work, get dinner ready, clean up…again the list goes on. I feel bad but I don’t think a little TV is too bad. If it was on all day every day then I would start to get worried. Or if he stopped wanting to play outside in negative 20 million degree weather. I had to tell him that he couldn’t play golf outside because it was too cold. He then told me it wasn’t cold outside because it was sunny. He cracks me up sometimes with his intuitiveness (even if he is a little off-base sometimes!)

I am ready for Christmas! I am ready for the seeing of family. For the eating of ridiculous amounts of good food. For the presents (the giving and receiving!). Only 10 days away! Woot woot!

I hope this was random enough for you! Too see other random check out Keely at www.theunmom.com


Heather said...

Never heard of any of the people in the first paragraph, but Elton John/Billy Joel tickets! I would stand in the freezing weather for those!

Both of my daughters have banned tv in their houses. They have a tv but it is set up for videos only. When the grandkids come over here, they are glued to the tv for a little while but it quickly fades and they end up outside playing.

Good luck with the potty training, I know it can be very difficult, but hang in there!

Design it Chic said...

I know.. .what's up with the Lady Gaga hysteria?!? I mean comparing her to Madonna is to much, even tough she might have voice... and is she popular for just trying to be as controversial as she can?!? give us a break dear! :P Thanks in advance!
Oh and i am so ready for eating loads of good food and good cookies:) Yaaaaaaaay
Have a good one! Here's my Randomness!!

Anonymous said...

Check out myspace.com/tinaparol and listen to crazy and I'm alive to feel better about liking crappy music. She's coming out with an album early next year with some great songs.

I think you'll like the rest of her stuff!