Wednesday, February 18, 2015

From the Mouths of Babes

Things are never boring around here. In the first hour after I got home from work and had the boys picked up here were a few gems I heard:

  • You want to do this? Let's go. (from Jacoby...he's 3)
  • Can I eat my pepperoni now? (after remembering it was meat and today was Ash Wednesday) Pepperoni's not meat. It's just pepperoni. (Leo...age 8)
  • You don't get me. I'm going to stomp your head. (Jacoby to his Hulk hands)
  • I don't eat those Ninja Turtles. I eat the chocolate. (Jacoby)
Ok so maybe not the funniest but the context, facial expressions and actions all make it a lot funnier than it may seem. My boys sure do keep me on my toes!

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